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Kilpailukutsut / 2020 Estonian Nationals @ Tartu RC Track
« : 29.06.20 - klo: 20.26 »

We welcome You to Estonian Nationals at Tartu RC Track happening on the 1st and 2nd of August.

More info @

See You there!


I'm forwarding information about IBC2019/Estonian Nationals Round 5 held at Adavere Primary School on the 22nd-24th February
Facebook event:
Not mentioned is that the race will be held on brand new EOS carpet on a purpose built track for this event, we'll all be taking on the track for the first time on Friday, so should be pretty awesome!

Hope to see You there,
Rainer Ressar


Registration for 1/10 Baltic (Estonia, Adavere) championship is open!

Event’s organizer is NGO RC Mulk and team VMRC will take care of timekeeping.

It is possible to register through given link in both 2wd and 4wd class. If driver is driving in both classes then you must register both cars separately. Link for registration:

NB! Registration ends at 20.02.2019, after which there is an extra fee!

NB! Entry fee:
One class 25.-, second class 20.-

Children (up to 18yrs):
One class 15.-, second class 10.-

Rent for transponder: 5.-

Friday (22.02.2019):
practice 13:00- 19:00

Saturday (23.02.2019):
practice 8:00- 10:00
opening ceremony 10:00- 10:30
races 11:00-.....

Sunday (24.02.2019):
finals ….-15:00

NB! Detailed timetable will be released 21.02.2019!

Catering: On saturday and sunday there will be catering (up to 5 euros).

It is mandatory to bring your own cover for the table and we also suggest to bring your extension cord (3-5m). Drivers are allowed to use 2 sets of tires per class throughout qualifications and finals. Wheels will be marked at technical inspection before the start of Qualifications. It is possible to buy tires at the competition. (a pair of glued tires: 19 euros and a pair not glued tires: 9 euros)

NB! We are using EFRA rules for Baltic championship! Link:

It is possible to book yourself a place to stay through booking:

Suggested tires for competition:
2wd- front: Cut Stagger (U6801); rear: Cactus (U6839)
4wd- front: Cactus Fusion (U6841); rear: Cactus (U6839)

Adavere primary school : 58.708096, 25.900717
Adavere primary school:
Parking lot/ entrance:

Kuldar Ilus: +3725056732 (Rus)
Indrek Lainemäe: +3725079389 (Est)
Robin Ilus: +37253631142 (Eng)

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