Kirjoittaja Aihe: Kilpailukutsu: +40 sähköcrossin epävirallinen MM Vantaa 3.-5.8.2018  (Luettu 12520 kertaa)

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Fullspeed RC is proud to invite all +40 driver to Vantaa Lavanko Fullspeed RC Arena for unofficial 1/10 Scale Electric Buggy World Championships.


    Fullspeed RC Arena
    Address: Myllykyläntie 6, 01530 Vantaa
    Google Maps:

    Length approx 200 meters
    Width minimum 3 meters
    Material: Astro turf


Registration via myrcm:

Entries can be found here:

Race director:
Aapo Koro

Race directors mentor:
Jussi Luopajärvi / Vaasan UA

Valid national licence for 2018


Drivers must be older than 40 years or turn 40 years in 2018.

IFMAR Rules with exeptions regarding tires.


We have chosen Schumacher tires in yellow compound as the control tyre for the event with following part numbers

2wd Rear U6558 Schumacher Mini Spike yellow compound 

4wd Rear U6558 Schumacher Mini Spike yellow compound 

4wd Front U6810 Schumacher Wide Stagger yellow compound

For 2wd front tire we recommend Schumacher Slim Stagger in yellow compound.

Number of tires is not limited and it's ok to bring your own tires. Insert is not controlled. We have found the tire wear to be minimal.


Schedule might change depending about of entrys or other reasons.

FRIDAY 3.8.2018
* Practice from 9:00 to around 18:00.
* Pit open: 8:00-19:30
* Cars to impound latest at 19:00
* All entries divided into groups of twelve drivers.
* In total ten rounds of practice per class per driver
* Run time per heat is 6 minutes and 1 minute to change drivers
* Detailed schedule will be published after registration is closed
* Last two rounds of practice is used for reseeding. Best three consecutive laps is the rule used for reseeding classification.
* Evening program: tba

SATURDAY 4.8.2018
* Pit open: 8:00-20:00
* Controlled practice 2WD: 9:00 - 10:30
* Qualifying 2WD 2 rounds: 11:00-13:00
* Controlled practice 4WD: 13:15 - 14:45
* Qualifying 4WD: 15:00-16:40
* Evening program: tba

SUNDAY 5.8.2018
* Pit open: 7:00-19:00
* Controlled practice 2WD: 08:00-08:30
* Qualifying 2WD - 2 rounds: 08:40-10:30
* Finals 2WD: 10:30-13:00
* Controlled practice 4WD: 13:15-13:40
* Qualifying 4WD - 2 rounds: 14:10-15:40
* Finals 4WD: 16:15-18:30
* Evening program: Sauna and palju


Drivers will enter the race at their own risk and the Race organisation will not be responsible of injuries or lost of personal items. Pictures and videos will be taken at the event and the organisation will reserve the right to use material from event as promotion. The drivers are more than welcome to take photographs and film footage of his participation in the event and post them to social media.

The race organisation will not  be responsible for any accommodation bookings made as a result of the entry process or where other bolt-on services such as travel products, hire services or otherwise are purchased.

Myrcm will be opened in few weeks. You should include Transponder number, Name, Address, Date of birth, email, phone number, Club and Country. Limited amount of rental transponder will be available 5€ / day.

Entrance fee:

2wd 50€ includes one pair Schumacher Mini Spikes (yellow) and Schumacher Medium foam insert

4wd 65€ includes one set Schumacher Mini Spikes (yellow), Schumacher Medium foam insert, Schumacher Wide Stagger (yellow) and Schumacher Medium foam insert.

Note: You will have to provide your own wheels. You will be able purchase wheels and tires at the track. If you have rare car with pin hex or 14mm hex please make sure you have your own wheels.

Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo, Vantaa

Bookingcode: BFULLSPEED

Prices for hotelroom per night
105€ / single room, 125€ double room, 145€ double room with extra bed

The hotel is practically as close to the track as possible. In the same building there are tons of restaurants, huge shopping mall and a SPA:

Other info:

- Food and buffet will be available saturday and sunday.
- Campers and motorhome are welcome, limited power available, water available
- Lap counting will be updated Mylaps RC4 - only mylaps transponders are quaranteed to work
- Payment with cash or card (izettle)

Welcome to Fullspeed RC Arena at Vantaa!
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Poissa jerzirccar1

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Just an stupid question...
Is there room for an possible VINTAGE class also..
One class, electrics open, 2wd and 4wd only the age matter (-92 or -93).
Could be fun and possible more drivers..
Just an though..

Poissa Fullspeed RC

  • Fullspeed RC
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    • Fullspeed RC
Just an stupid question...
Is there room for an possible VINTAGE class also..
One class, electrics open, 2wd and 4wd only the age matter (-92 or -93).
Could be fun and possible more drivers..
Just an though..

Sounds like fun. If you can get minimum 10 drivers it could happen, most likely on sunday as there is less drivers signed up on main 4wd class. PM for more details.

Poissa jerzirccar1

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« Viimeksi muokattu: 01.08.18 - klo: 17.54 kirjoittanut jerzirccar1 »

Poissa jerzirccar1

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Päivän reenit ajettu.
Isot kiitokset Yli korven Empulle.
Niin paahtavassa helteessä oli juniori nostamassa autoja.
Ilman suo Emppu monilla olis mennyt ajot huomattavasti huonommin. KIITOS😎😎
Selostajille myös iso lapanen. Se että jaksaa hoittaa tuon spiikkaamisen vaatinee rohkeutta ja kokemusta joten selostajille isot lapaset.
Rata on todella helppo ja vaikea🤣🤣
Isot plussat annan myös istumakatsomolle ja sen sijoittamiselle😎😎
Huh aamulla olis heti treenit ja alkuerät ja tuupin päivä olis sitten loppu n.klo13 aikaan....

PS minun videokanavalla on jotain sekoilu videoita tästä päivästä eli mene youtubeen jos haluat tosiaan roskaa katsoa niin JERRY HELLSTRÖM kuin etsit niin löydät ne....